Pattern and colour in the natural world fascinate me. The relationships formed between landscape and bush contrast and complement each other. As you journey through the landscape it unfolds. Our own stories are woven into the fabric of the landscape. Your threads, and mine are linked inextricably to others. We are a partnership with the land.

I have a fascination for pattern and colour in the natural world. From my basis as a weaver, I see the relationships formed between landscape and bush, contrasting and complimenting each other. As I journey through the landscape it unfolds, literally, as you turn a bend or crest a hill. This forms the basis of my paintings.

Landscape has a spiritual significance. Landscape should evoke memories, there are stories to be told: there is an emotional bond between the land and its inhabitants.

Adele Matthews has had a significant involvement in the arts as an artist, businesswoman, and highly respected teacher with a career spanning 40 years. Building on her formal art training from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Adele has produced a prolific catalogue of works in ceramics, weaving, fashion design and painting.

Adele’s work is richly layered and sumptuous. Sophisticated surfaces invite the viewer to look closely into the work and beyond to what lies, tantalizingly, just beyond our reach.

© Adele Matthews · Wellington, New Zealand